Bible-Science Association Now Meeting at TMC

I write this like it is news, but in truth I don't know when the change of address occurred. But, it did, and that is what is important, right?

The BSA is meeting at The Master's College in Santa Clarita on September 20. (Here is a map with directions.)

Their plans for this meeting? Here you go:
7:00 PM: The Cassini Success Story, 2004-2008

Latest discoveries at Saturn of interest to creationists

Click here for the flyer

The Cassini spacecraft just completed its prime mission on June 30, and is now into its first extended mission. Major discoveries have come from this expedition, the best-equipped and most successful outer planet mission to date. Dave, who works at JPL for the Cassini program, will share incredible pictures and findings from Saturn, its rings and moons. In particular, three of the moons show they cannot be billions of years old. Cassini flew extremely close to Enceladus on August 10 and captured thrilling high-resolution images of its active surface. It even flew through the geyser plumes and sampled the material. What do scientists say about evidence for dynamic activity on bodies that should have frozen solid long ago? Dave will compare their interpretations with the observations and show how new scientific discoveries support the Biblical creation model when viewed without evolutionary old-age assumptions.

About the speaker:
 David F. Coppedge (B.S. physics, Cal State Northridge) is the team lead system administrator for the Cassini Mission to Saturn and Titan at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His team of five administers the computers and networks for the ground systems, both Development and Operations, where scientists and engineers build command sequences to send to the spacecraft and receive data back to Earth.

He is also responsible for ten remote-operations sites across the US and Europe where instrument teams are located. A member of the Cassini team since before launch in October, 1997, Dave has witnessed the entire mission. He frequently interacts with the planetary scientists and attends the science briefings as new discoveries come in. An occasional tour guide and speaker (and star party leader), Dave enjoys sharing the thrill of discovery with audiences.

Come Early

Astronomy and the BibleJoins us early at 5:30. We will be showing Astronomy and the Bible featuring Mike Riddle: An analysis of the scientific evidence for the age of the solar system and a biblical and scientific analysis of the origin of stars.

Book Table

Our book table will be open from 6:00 to 9:00 with one of the widest selections of creation literature available in the southland. There’s something for everyone from toddler to PhD, from skeptic to missionary. Books, videos, tapes, magazines... John Arend works very hard to make a wealth of material available to our members.

Reading good material is just as important, if not more so, than hearing our lectures. Build your creation library at the Bible-Science Association.

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