News Roundup for September 6, 2008

I have been wanting to revive the Roundups for a while, but time is always an issue. Keep in mind I'm only one person, and there's also family, school, and work to which to attend. I'll try to keep these going on a weekly basis, posting either late Friday evenings or Saturdays with the news Christians need to know from the week.

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Archeology and the Bible
Stories that evidence the accuracy of Scripture that we can dig out of the earth.
Christian Apostasy
Sadly, more Christians are moving away from the Bible and historic orthodoxy as the basis of their faith, and moving toward a self-focused brand of experientialism. These stories demonstrate examples of this trend.
  • LifeWay conducts study on Bible's authority
    (from 9/1/08). Thankfully, 100% of SBC pastors affirm the (somewhat vague) statement "I believe in the divine inspiration of scripture." But, only 69% of those in the pews attending church at least once a month agree with the statement. My thoughts: Want to fix the latter number? Easy – drop those surveyed who only attend church once a month!
  • Man Sues Zondervan for Apparent Mistranslation in Bibles
    (from 8/28/08). Well, Zondervan is a publisher, not a translation committee for one thing. For another thing, this guy claims God never condemned homosexuality based on his own misinterpretation of the original languages; an easily disproved allegation. I'm sure this case will be thrown out.
Christian Ministry
However, there always remains a remnant committed to God and His Word. These stories highlight exciting ministries you may not know about, but for which you can pray and praised God.
  • New ministry aids women with same-sex attraction
    (from 8/31/08). New work of Exodus International: "There's consistently been a gender gap of about 60 percent men and 40 percent women seeking help in overcoming same-sex attraction…"
  • GFA provides relief to Indian flood victims
    (from 9/5/08). "Missionaries with Gospel for Asia are working in dangerous conditions in an effort to help flood victims in the Indian state of Bihar."
  • Bible translators combat malaria spread
    (from 9/4/08). "As Wycliffe Associates responds to needs of Bible translators in areas such as Africa, the Pacific, and Asia, ministry president Bruce Smith says a chemical that repels mosquitoes is being distributed."
Cultural news not specifically related to "Morality Definition" below.
  • Peter Pans aren't as happy as they seem...
    (from 8/30/08). As a 27-year-old who is married with three children (and one on the way), I cannot comprehend the mentality behind those mentioned in this story. "In 1960, almost 70 percent of men had reached these milestones [leaving home, getting an education, finding a partner, starting work and becoming a father] by the age of 30. Today, less than a third of males that age can say the same."
  • Atheist Billboard Campaign Hits Phoenix
    (from 8/28/08). "The group of atheists or agnostics promotes free thought and the separation of church and state. They have sponsored similar billboard campaigns in other U.S. cities and so far..."
  • NFL star legally changes name to uniform number
    (from 9/5/08). Because the name "Ochocinco" (85 in Spanish) is much more creative than "Johnson."
The sometimes strange, sometimes infuriating, and sometimes encouraging world of government-run education.
Election News
November is not far away…
Evolution News
The curious notion many would have us accept unquestioningly.
  • Why Early Earth Did Not Freeze
    (from 9/4/08). A younger sun would give off less heat. What kept the earth from freezing 2 billion years ago? Greenhouse gases. Right.
"hmmm... now that's good satire!"


International News
  • U.S. Officials: North Korea Reassembling Nuclear Facility
    (from 9/3/08). "North Korea, after halting the disassembly of a key nuclear center, is now putting the facility back together in violation of the United States' conditions for improved diplomatic relations between the countries..."
  • Rice Calls for Palestinian Capital in Jerusalem
    (from 8/26/08). "Secretary Rice… has been pressing Israel to sign a document by the end of the year that would divide Jerusalem. Rice says Israel must agree to a Palestinian state capital in Jerusalem - Israel's own capital - and a full Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza."
Morality Definition Out of Control
Textbook examples of calling good evil and evil good.
Persecution Please remember to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters.
The Religion of Peace Stories noting the violence of Islamists that does not directly involve Christian persecution.
Science Just some other science stuff that is really cool, or really sad … in other words, a Trekkie relates.
Please do not forget to pray or praise God, whichever is appropriate, over the news of the day. Also, please feel free to send me messages during the week of stories that belong on the News Roundup.

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