Psychedelic Worship (YouThubology)

Here is the second of my Wednesday posts on YouThubology.

This week: "Sloshfest 08 Glory Dance Trance."  YouTube member Burning4Jesus says, "Supernatural miracles signs and wonders on the earth today. Jesus is still doing the stuff and we're showing the world what is going on. Crazy days," so I'm guessing he likes what happens in this video.

Are you ready for Jesus to run through your veins?

HT to A Little Leaven, who says:
Can you spot the 'golden calf' in this video? This is NOT Christian Worship. This is pagan. Notice that Ben Dunn, of Tokin the Ghost fame is leading this pagan revelry.
I'm inclined to agree, but let me put this in other terms.

We know that the Bible says we shouldn't be like the world, but its good to ask where the line is at since we also have to live in the world.  For instance, we have to wear clothes, drive cars, use electricity, live in homes, listen to music, etc., meaning we look and act like the world in our simple lives.  Certainly we abstain from what the Bible forbids: we don't (or shouldn't) cheat, lie, steal, etc.

Yet, many fine people who are not Christians have the same convictions about personal living.  So, "being separate" is not always a clear-cut demonstration.  That is, unless you're Amish (but then, of course, you'd probably not be reading this blog).  Thus, the line between being a Christian and behaving like the world is not always black-and-white.

With that in mind, consider this comment left on the YouTube video:
BTW, this definately does look like a rave haha....everyone is soooo smashed, it's awesome!!!!!!! anyone second me that the Lord is amazing;)
This commenter would claim to be a Christian, so this comment is probably an honest one.  The worship service reminds the commenter of a "rave" where people are "smashed" (drunk).  I would have to agree with that part of the comment, at least.  (I don't agree that this video demonstrates anything about God.)  So (assuming you agree that Christians should not go to raves if we're called to "be ye seperate"), I have to say, at least in this case, Christians have violated Scripture.  You can add your own comments on that.

So, why is this YouThubology, you ask?  No teaching appears in this video.  Well, the video promotes a kind of worship that is not pleasing to God, something that undiscerning Christians and churches may decide to adopt.  Given that the poster of the video believes it is a model of God's work, we can make some assumptions as to the morals of the video:
1. God "shows up" in our worship.
2. God has led people in the Bible to do some wild things.
3. If God shows up in your worship service, you will start acting wild.
4. In YouThubology, 1 + 2 = 12.
Let me add a comment that's based on that assesment.  The key to the Gospel is a continual resting in Jesus Christ.  The connection between God and man - that is, the ability for a human to rest in God - comes through the Holy Spirit.  What is the result of the Gospel in someone's life but a continual presence of God, then?  Furthermore, what does the Gospel call us to do but to be led by the Spirit in His fullness on a daily basis?

Seeking such psychedelic worship experiences, then, seems to be a denial of Gospel living.

But, I leave the floor open for you to comment.

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