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I added a couple of permanent links to the side of the blog that I hope will be a good use to some. I may add nifty pictures to the links with all the mad skills Frank Turk has taught me, but, for now, I've got too much homework. Here they are:
No, I don't personally have all of them, but I trust the people who made these lists to have sound judgment.

On a related note, allow me highlight some works that are not all on these two lists.  These books have been written by those who are associated with and have graduated from The Master's Seminary. This is from Richard Mayhue, Sr. V.P. and Dean at TMS.
Here are books recently released by TMS alumni, followed by other works that our men have authored over the last two decades.

Nathan Busenitz’s (M.Div. 02; Th.M. 05) Reasons We Believe, answers the question, "What reasons does the Bible give in its own defense to confirm the truthfulness of its claims?"  It establishes from Scripture how the claims of the Bible harmonize perfectly with external evidences from science, history, philosophy, and human experience.


Matt Waymeyer’s (M.Div. 99; Th.M. 03) A Biblical Critique of Infant Baptism, looks at the various arguments for infant baptism and critiques them through the use of biblical exegesis.


Patrick Abendroth’s (M.Div. 96) The Truth About Water Baptism, discusses the biblical basis, meaning, and mode of water baptism, along with an appendix by Charles H. Spurgeon.


In Dispensationalism: Essential Beliefs and Common Myths, Dr. Michael Vlach (M.Div. 95), Assistant Professor of Theology at The Master's Seminary, contrasts six "essential beliefs" with five "myths" about Dispensationalism.


Mike Abendroth’s (M.Div. 96) Jesus Christ: The Prince of Preachers, says “We must preach, and we must do so as Jesus, the Prince of preachers, did…. Preaching pumps the lifeblood of God’s Word into the arteries, veins, and capillaries of the local church’s vital organs.

Bobby Scott (M.Div. 93; Th.M. 05), general editor of Secret Sex Wars, A Battle Cry for Purity, joins fellow TMS graduates, Professor Paul Felix (M.Div. 92; Th.M. 94), Pastor Anthony Kidd (M.Div. 01), Pastor Carl Hargrove (M.Div. 93; Th.M. 06), and Pastor Victor Sholar (M.Div. 04), all African-American pastors, to provide straight talk, real hope, and biblical answers to the pandemic problem of sexual sin in the church—especially, but not exclusively, the black church.

Other books by TMS graduates –
  • Michael Beasley (M.Div. 95), All Nations Under God
  • Nathan Busenitz (M.Div. 02; Th.M. 05), Living a Life of Hope
  • Stan Carder (M.Div. 93), A Committed Mercy
  • Francis Chan (M.Div. 92), Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God
  • Mark Christopher (M.Div. 94), Same-Sex Marriage: Is It Really the Same?; Man-made Global Warming: Hot Air, Hype or Honest Science?
  • John Crotts (M.Div. 95), Mighty Men: The Starter's Guide to Leading Your Family; Skillfully Leading Your Family for Christ
  • Philip DeCourcy (M.Div. 99), Standing Room Only
  • Jack Hughes (M.Div. 91), Expository Preaching with Word Pictures, With Illustrations from the Sermons of Thomas Watson
  • Darren Hulbert (M.Div. 94), The Whole Purpose of God
  • Seth Kniep (M.Div. in process), The Truth Behind the Passion Film and How to Respond; Loving God's Word: 7 Strategies for Slaying Bible Apathy
  • Eric E. Kress (M.Div. 99), Notes on the Study and Exposition of 1st John; (Co-author) God in Everyday Life: The Book of Ruth for Expositors and Biblical Counselors
  • Joshua Mack (M.Div. 00), (Co-author) The Fear Factor; God's Solutions to Life's Problems; The Twin Pillars of the Christian Life
  • Cliff McManis (M.Div. 92), Christian Living Beyond Belief
  • George Muinch (M.A. 87), Your New Life in Christ
  • Todd Stanton (M.Div. 96; Th.M. 00), (Co-author) Gilgames and the World of Assyria
  • Florent Varak (M.Div. 04), Le Mariage de Jesus: Da Vinci Code - Vous y Croyez?;  La Reincarnation: Examen des Arguments et Perspective Biblique; La Foi Charismatique: Evaluation Doctrinale; (Co-author) Le Repas du Seigneur et les Eglises Evangeliques des Freres
  • Milton Vincent (M.Div. 91), A Gospel Primer for Christians: Learning to See the Glories of God's Love
  • Michael Vlach (M.Div. 95), Philosophy 101: The "Big Idea" for The 101 Most Important People and Concepts in Philosophy; Supersessionism: Does the Church Replace Israel in God's Program?
  • Steve Watkins (M.Div. 00), Meeting God Behind Enemy Lines
  • Matthew Waymeyer (M.Div. 99; Th.M. 03), Revelation 20 and the Millennial Debate
  • Wayne A. Wilson (M.Div. 87), Wordly Amusements

Many of these books can be purchased through Grace Books International at

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