Way of the Master and Wretched Radio

Based on the traffic I'm getting, there are still a lot of people with questions concerning the name change from "Way of the Master Radio" over to "Wretched Radio." Here is the scoop from the FAQ page of www.wretchedradio.com.
Let's start here. We love Way of the Master. We love Ray. We love Kirk. We love EZ and everyone else at Way of the Master (Living Waters). For three years they graciously supported the program. We would not be doing this show had it not been for them. However, they recently decided to discontinue doing the radio show. FamilyNet very graciously stepped in and took it over.
It is a good thing for a ministry to reevaluate itself and cut what is not of greatest benefit to its overall goal and philosophy. Yes, I enjoy WOTM/Wretched Radio, but if WOTM could not continue to carry the program, they made the right choice. That's the way things go sometimes.
In the future, you will still hear Ray and Kirk. Wretched Radio is pretty much the same as it was when it was Way of the Master Radio. In fact, Todd, Kirk and Ray will still be doing events together. We are all still pals. We are just two different ministries who are still laboring together. We hope that this serves as a model for other ministries and ministers who part company. It doesn't have to be ugly.
I'm glad things did not get ugly. In theory, the WOTMRadio folks could have had their egos bruised and engaged in a nasty campaign that would have only besmirched the name of Christ. The split was clean, the now two ministries remain friends with brotherly love abounding. This is an example to all of us when God calls folks to part ways.

I've even found personal application of this godly example this month, but that is a story for another time.
How do I support the show?
The best (and only) way to support the program is by becoming a Wretched Club Member. We tried to make it a great value, but the real reason for becoming a Club Member is to support Wretched.
I used to support Way of the Master Radio through Living Waters...what should I do?
We hope you will continue supporting Living Waters because they are a GREAT ministry. But if it is your desire to only support Wretched Radio and TV, then the only way to do that now is by becoming a Wretched Club Member. Your gift to Living Waters does not support us...but we hope you will continue to support Living Waters because they are a wonderful ministry.
Continue to support WOTM, but if you enjoy the radio program, become a club member. Hey, supporting a ministry for $5.95 a month is something even poor folk like me can do. Todd Friel may even give you a nice tall hug.

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