Down Yonder (2/16/09)

Pull up a chair! Grab a slice of pecan pie and a tall glass of sweet tea, and then we can enjoy these links gathered from down yonder.

Down on the floor
A clever music video pieced together on YouTube featuring Benny Hinn:Let the bodies hit the floor.

Down on families
Nathan Williams pointed out that Arie Hoekman of the United Nations Population Fund declared the breakdown of the traditional family is a triumph of human rights.

Downright gross
You can thank Hip and Thigh for noting the sick practice of the speed cooking of, and eating of, live snakes and fish.

Down deep
Your week is not set without a conspiracy theory. This one is a doozy—the Chinese fooled us all into believing they had a successful space program. Instead, they filmed the whole thing underwater, as evidenced by bubbles, free-flapping ropes and flags, a halo-less, colorless Earth, and a few other items of interest.

Down by the movie house
Coram Deo has released a behind-the-scenes of the movie they want to be the next “Fireproof,” the Christian love and suspense flick entitled “No Greater Love.”

Down-home thinking
We as a church need to consider all the ways we can curtail abortion, including education and assisting girls and women before and after the process. Thanks to Bryan Wolff via Facebook.

For a different change of pace (pun intended), James MacDonald suggests people should hold a valid “walking license” for two years before being allowed to drive. Let’s put that up to a vote!

Down-home interests
Video: DL Hughley interviews Mark Driscoll about sex talk at church. Caution: because of the topic matter, “viewer discretion” and all that.

Downright creepy
Brian Godawa, author of the excellent book Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films with Wisdom & Discernment, has the video called “Cruel Logic” floating around the net. Is there moral argument in the naturalist’s worldview? A serial killer debates the premise with his victim.

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