Down Yonder (2/9/09)

Okay, here are a round (no, not a roundup) of random links.

Why call ‘em “Down Yonder?” Well, I’m from the South (yes, I consider Northern Florida the South), and I was just thinking about my mom’s favorite means of giving people directions. Then I wondered how many word plays I could make on “down.” They might not all work, but who cares?

So, while I’m being nostalgic, pull up a chair, grab some grilled oysters and start shucking. Let me get out the crackers, Tabasco sauce, and sweet tea, and then we can enjoy these links gathered from down yonder.

Downright ornery
Homeschool Freedom Under Fire in New Hampshire:
The proposed law would require all homeschoolers to take both a test, and to submit to a portfolio evaluation by a "credentialed educator." It then places subjective authority in the hands of a superintendent or non-public school principle to terminate a family's homeschool program.
Down on our knees
The 2009 Persecution List. Don’t be shocked… Muslim-dominated countries top the list.

Down at the theaeter
Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron get arrested!

Down by church
Jay Adams gives the don’ts of Christian counseling.

Down by the fancy doodad
Lucy 2.0: Famous Fossil Hominid Goes Digital. This is cool, though it won’t prove she was a precursor to homo sapiens. Visit here for a free 4-part video covering Lucy.

Downright spooky
A demonic David Crowder? Did these guys get wasted before recording this?

Down by the mall
For some odd reason, Facebook wanted to know if I’d be interested in becoming a fan of the 1986 Jim Henson film, “Labyrinth.” I have watched it, believe it or not… I remember thinking that it was a disturbing film. Today, I sum the problem in three words: Muppet chick flick.

I enjoyed NeverEnding Story much better, anyway. I guess I thought Falcor was cooler than David Bowie in tights. In fact, I still do!

Sorry, Jim, at least pre-1986 Sesame Street will hold a special place in my heart.

Down in Warshington
Obama’s approval ratings continue to slip. Wow, that didn’t take long.

Down home sense
An excellent article on Darwin’s zealots. And, as a bonus, there are some nice comments about the global warming farse.

To balance our evolution story off, know that diamonds can really be all our best friends. Jonathan Sarfati explains how they demonstrate the absurdity of current evolutionary models.

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