SC: Wrap on Day One

Well, I'm heading home to my family, meaning I won't be staying for the final session this evening.

Incidentally, understand that I have an odd sense of humor. Someone asked if I was staying, and I said, "Nah, its only John MacArthur preaching." That comment garnered some... looks from passersby. Come on, people. It's funny. Laugh.

Anywho, I promised some gifts to my family, gifts which I am excited to give.

So, I'm making my final rounds, gathering up whatever else is free, shaking a few more hands, and squeezing off a few more pictures.

I'll see y'all tomorrow. For those looking for a live blog of MacArthur's final session this evening, visit You can also view the other live blogging there to catch something I may have missed.

I'll post more photos and stuff when I can. God bless!

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