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Parody of the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008

Here's a fairly decent mish-mash on YouTube... "Trek Through Time, Part 1"

Hey, y'all...

...we hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Here are a couple of vids of the kids' plays:

Bad News: Santa is Coming

(HT: Desiring God Blog)

Preach the Gospel (the "GOOD NEWS!") to your family this Christmas morn.
Do you try to connect with God the Santa Claus way or the Jesus way? The Santa way says, You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I’m telling you why,
Santa Claus is coming to town. The Jesus way says, “I lay down my life for the sheep" (John 10:15).
“Whoever comes to me I will never cast out” (John 6:37). Watch John Piper commend the Jesus way:

John 3:1–21: How Do You Receive the Good News of Christmas? (from Sunday, 12/21/08)

**This is our final youth study.

I had thought about naming this message “Nick at Nite,” but Christmas is this week!  It is the day when churches usually celebrate the birth of Christ, so this seemed a little more appropriate. 
Luke 2, a passage often read by Christians this time of year, records the angels as say the birth of Jesus Christ is “good news of a great joy that will be for all the people” (v. 10).  The passage announces that the good news is “peace among those with whom he [God] is pleased” (v. 14). 
If there is “good news,” though, I suppose there is almost always “bad news,” and this verse seems to exclude people… people with whom God is not pleased.
This seems to have been the case last week.  Jesus was attracting attention to Himself, and a good deal of people was placing their faith in Him.  However, it was not saving faith. Even so, religious talk abounded out this carpenter from Galilee, and the Pharisees took notice.  He was performing signs according to John (John…

Hear the Gospel In Your Language

Repost from here.

English may not be your first language, so I wanted to link this tool that has the Gospel in many different languages.  These languages include Arabic, Armenian Eastern, Armenian Western, Cantonese, Croatian, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, and Urdu.

These audio messages are free for you to download.

Click here.

Pure Thunder-Awesome

Ho! Okay, this had me going. I thought, for a brief moment, they had taken an all-star cast and secretly made a live action movie of one of my all-time favorite cartoons. And did they really keep everything the same? Check this out:

This is really well done considering the amount of work this guy had to put in to accomplish it. I spy with my little eye Brad Pitt from "Troy" as Lion-O, Vin Diesel from a movie I haven't seen, Hugh Jackman from "X-Men 3," and the kids from "Spy Kids" movies. Superb job.


The official announcement was made at church on Sunday, but I'm posting for anyone who may have missed it.  After a great deal of prayer and counsel from godly individuals, Heather and I have decided to leave our current church.  We believe it is God's will for us to move on to another church, and we'll let you know where once we settle in.

First, a word to those who are wondering why we left.  At this time, I am content only to say God has made it clear that we leave, and that I leave with a heavy heart.  I've enjoyed our time there, and will be taking many wonderful memories with me.  I believe God has blessed our ministry there, and I wish those gathered the best as the church continues to grow.

Second, the move will, of course, affect posting here.  Readers who do not attend the church have benefited from the notes I've posted from our youth studies, and I appreciate the messages you've sent me.  Unfortunately, though, I've decided that it would not be …

Addressing Error in the Church

A couple of days ago, I posted a link to a blog post by Jay Adams concerning the question of promptings of the Spirit. At the MySpace extension of Pistueo, someone left a harsh comment about Adams' piece. Let me quote the last line of that comment:
The remedy for that is to seek God, not attack His people. Shame on them, and on those who post this kind of 'holy' slander.I responded, but there is one other question this part of the comment leaves open. Is it alright to point out error? Is it slanderous to say someone is teaching falsely and, more importantly, is it unbiblical?

Adams comes to the rescue again with his latest post, "Fighting Error in the Church.

Of course, we do need to be careful. We speak truth in love, practicing a spirit of grace while being as winsome as possible. Further, we need to pick our battles, and recognize when it is not our place to speak up. Nonetheless, that does not negate our duty to try to correct error when God calls us to do so…

Merry Tossmas

LOL, Reviving an old favorite:

Way of the Master and Wretched Radio

Based on the traffic I'm getting, there are still a lot of people with questions concerning the name change from "Way of the Master Radio" over to "Wretched Radio." Here is the scoop from the FAQ page of
Let's start here. We love Way of the Master. We love Ray. We love Kirk. We love EZ and everyone else at Way of the Master (Living Waters). For three years they graciously supported the program. We would not be doing this show had it not been for them. However, they recently decided to discontinue doing the radio show. FamilyNet very graciously stepped in and took it over.It is a good thing for a ministry to reevaluate itself and cut what is not of greatest benefit to its overall goal and philosophy. Yes, I enjoy WOTM/Wretched Radio, but if WOTM could not continue to carry the program, they made the right choice. That's the way things go sometimes.
In the future, you will still hear Ray and Kirk. Wretched Radio is pretty much the …

Promptings of the Spirit

Jay Adams has a great post explaining Romans 8:16, the testimony of the Holy Spirit, and the question of inner prompting o'er here.

John 2:13–25: Hearts Prepared by Him, For Him (from Sunday, 12/14/08)

(Every Monday, I tryto post my notes from our youth group’s Sunday School lessons. This is primarily for both the youth and their parents, but everyone is invited to join in.By clicking “youth studies,” you can catch up or review.We are currently going through The Gospel of John.New people: Keep in mind you can easily subscribe to this blog, including the youth study posts, via email or feed reader in the upper side of the right column.

Also, please keep in mind there are no youth meetings on the first Sunday of each month; thus, no corresponding post.)

hat was the point of Jesus turning water into wine? It wasn't a "public" miracle. The key reason we discussed in class was that the miracle would cause His disciples to believe in Him, as well as to demonstrate His mastery of creation.Another question we asked is this: was Jesus lying when He made the water into wine? Wine suggests that seeds were planted, vineyards grew up, workers plucked grapes, grapes were pressed, and …

Context, Context, Context!

(Last update, 6/19/17.)

This is a short compilation of Scripture verses taken out of context. The point? These examples demonstrate the importance of keeping surrounding passages in mind when reading and interpreting the Bible.

Feel free to add your own examples, and I will continue to update this post occasionally.

Genesis 4:17 (and v. 14)
“Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and bore Enoch…”
I heard this one from someone who called me after leaving the service a bit perplexed. A preacher excitedly delivered a message on a Scripture he had not noticed before. Someone had used the fact that Cain’s son was named “Enoch” to present the forgiveness of God to those who repent, a message full of potential. The preacher noted that Enoch walked so closely to God that God simply “raptured” him from the earth (cf. Gen 5:24). He further postulated that Genesis 4:14 was an apology on Cain’s part.

However, what the pastor failed to notice was that these are two, different Enochs. The Enoc…

Shepherds' Conference limited time offer

Got this in the ol' inbox:
As 2008 draws to a close, I want to keep you informed about our Shepherds’ Conference registration. Registrations for the 2009 conference continue to come in at a steady pace and we praise God for that!

As an added incentive to register for the conference, Christian Audio has partnered with us to offer 2 free audio book downloads to anyone who registers for the Shepherds’ Conference between now and January 15th. If you register in time, you will be able to download Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur and He Is Not Silent by Al Mohler. These books are outstanding ministry resources authored by two of our own keynote speakers for 2009.

So here’s how it works. Just go to to register for the conference. Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email that will include Christian Audio’s website and the download code to download your 2 free books. Additionally, Christian Audio will be a vendor in our conference bookstore f…

Uh, pastor, are you sure...

From Christianity Today:

'Tis the season for fibbing.

Maybe we should exalt the Gospel this Christmas. It's not merely about redeeming a holiday, it's about the choice of whether to reinforce the Good News of Scripture—that we are wretched but God is not content to leave us that way—or the good news of a magic genie living in the North granting wishes for good little boys and girls.

Just sayin.

Hey, finally, some Christmas-related photos of the kids!

I've been pretty busy lately, so I forgot to blog these. Enjoy!

Having fun in the (*ahem*) "snow" at Castaic Lake:

We also had a Christmas Chapel service at The Master's Seminary, and here is the link to that album:

Here's a phobia for you

Nomicophobia... "people who have an irrational (or, at any rate, unbiblical) fear of any sort of external authority or law."

Dan the man has the following:
The manifestation of nomicophobia goes something like this:

1. Cite any part of Scripture a professed Christian doesn't want to hear.
2. Tell him/her that you agree with God: Christians really should believingly obey God's Word.
3. The nomicophobe calls you a legalist.
4. That's meant to end the discussion.Sounds like a word for our age.  Kudos.

New Film: No Greater Love

There is a new love film on the horizon that is anything but shallow. It follows in the footsteps of "Fireproof" in more ways than one, but looks to be a unique film.

From the website:
Jeff and Heather were the “Lucky ones.” Best friends from childhood, high school sweethearts, and married by twenty-two. They were inseparable soul mates. Over time, however, Jeff became a workaholic, and Heather felt the neglect. After the birth of their son, Ethan, and with Jeff never around, Heather fell into a deep depression. In a moment of despair, Heather made the life-altering decision to leave Jeff for the night…and never returned. After police searches, missing person’s reports, and endless efforts to find her…she was gone.

Ten years later…life has moved on for Jeff and Ethan. Jeff is on the verge of proposing to Katie, his girlfriend of eight months, and Ethan has grown into a well-adjusted eleven year old. While not forgotten, Heather is a vivid, but distant memory of the past for Je…

A Family Man

Andrew Peterson, “Family Man” (Video length: 4:05)

(HT: Ray Fowler)

What Atheists Know that Christian Parents Miss

Lying to children about invisible, omniscient beings makes people doubt whether there really is any Invisible, Omniscient Being.

Offended? Why?

P.S.: If that is not enough to convince you, then all you have to do is agree that lying is a sin and lying to your kids must be some sorta double sin or something. Want your kids to wonder at some magic this season? Have them wrap their minds around the omnipresent God fitting into a human body rather than pondering the ability of an overweight man fitting down a chimney without burning or scuffing his clothes (or, in my case, enters a home lacking a fireplace). At least it better focuses the atheists' attacks.

John 2:1–12: Christ's First Miracle (from Sunday, 11/30/08)

*Unfortunately, I was not able to create a complete manuscript before preaching on Sunday, and with the finals due this week through next, I have not and will not be able to complete it for this post.  As such, this I don't have quite the development posted that we discussed on Sunday, and I haven't cleaned up the language much, so bear with me.  Nonetheless, I hope you will be able to use this for your personal blessing and edification.  God bless!
(Every Monday, I post my notes from our youth group’s Sunday School lessons.  This is primarily for both the youth and their parents, but everyone is invited to join in.  By clicking “youth studies,” you can catch up or review.  We are currently going through The Gospel of John.
New people: Keep in mind you can easily subscribe to this blog, including the youth study posts, via email or feed reader in the upper side of the right column.

Also, please keep in mind there are no youth meetings on the first Sunday of each month; thus, no …