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A Christian Understanding of Gambling

I know a few people who make the claim that it's just fun; they have no intent for greed whatsoever.  I have my doubts, but alright.  I suggest those folks read these two articles by Al Mohler...
When the Accounts Are Called: A Christian Understanding of GamblingCasino Culture and the Collapse of Character ...and then find a new way to have fun.  It has no place in a thriving American society and, more to the point, it's incompatible with a Christian worldview.

How to write a worship song (in 5 minutes or less)

I think... I think I've sung songs like this....

(HT: Dan Phillips)

Do you let the gospel inform how you teach on sex?

This excellent clip features Matt Chandler, and is from the 2009 Desiring God conference for pastors.  He entitled his sermon, "A Shepherd and His Unregenerate Sheep," and this story illustrates how too heavy a focus on the consequences of sin robs our sermons of the simple gospel message.

Lecrae Raps the Gospel in One Minute

Do you know the gospel well enough to explain it in 60 seconds?  Lecrae does one better, a blessing and a challenge to us all:

Ash Wednesday or Wash Wednesday?

A bit of a zinger from Turretinblog:
Jesus said: "When thou fastest ... wash thy face" (Matthew 6:17).
Choose whom you will serve.H.T. Biglo
To God be the Glory!

Why is Word-Faith Teaching Dangerous?

In this 2009 Wretched broadcast, Justin Peters ( Todd Friel discuss why you should avoid the teaching and promises of modern-day apostles and prophets.

FF: Bad lip-reading the NFL


Should "Shepherds Conference" have an apostrophe?

If there is but one gathering worth a pastor's time and investment, it's next month's conference.

With the weight of that upon us, one question bugs bloggers above all else: is it Shepherd's Conference, Shepherds' Conference, or Shepherds Conference?  The question concerns what function the word "shepherd" serves, and whether it should be possessive.

Obviously, with such a jam-packed gathering, we are dealing with multiple pastors in attendance.  It is also coordinated through the efforts of multiple spiritual leaders, meaning that we would have a hard time defending the singular possessive (as in, John MacArthur's Conference or My Conference).  The plural form of shepherd seems therefore appropriate.

The word Shepherds modifies Conference, making it adjectival or attributive in nature, answering the question as to what kind of conference.  Thus, without the apostrophe, we have a conference aimed at gathering pastors: a shepherds conference.

The only ti…


John Piper discusses his movement from racism and his views on interracial marriage. 
Bloodlines Documentary with John Piper from Crossway on Vimeo.

One of the biggest justifications for racism

Just FYI.  Read the title:

And this book was mild in its application, unlike his later work:

FF: We Don't Drink Racist Coffee

Happy Black History Month:
What if I use chocolate creamer?