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Responding to the New Attacks on Scripture (Video)

Discussing Evangelicalism's attacks on Scripture (yes, you read that right), Dr. David Farnell took the stage at the Veritas Evangelical Seminary 2014 National Apologetics Conference on November 8th, 2014.
Here's the video:

Defending Inerrancy posted this video as well as partial transcript, should you want to read instead of/in addition to watching.

A gathering of apparently poor Bible readers

As I prepare to teach a class on Genesis 22, my mind is drawn back to the mess the History Channel's The Bible miniseries made of the text.  Every detail was wrong, from Abraham's reaction to the age of Isaac to the animal used as Issac's substitute.  (It doesn't take a scholar to realize the difference between a ram and a lamb.)

Besides Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, who were some of the people who green-lit this 2013 debacle for the Christian community?   Below are some who appear on the series' proud page of praise.  They are quoted as stating that the series "reflects... the Holy Bible," "lets the Bible speak for itself, without commentary," and shines with "biblical fidelity."

To be fair, it would be wrong to brand these men and women as false teachers for simply enjoying this bit of television cinema.  Not all of them teach from the Bible full-time. Even so, it would be equally wrong to trust any of them to properly understand an…