40 Years: Congrats and Thanks!

In case you hadn't heard, tomorrow Grace Community Church celebrates its 40th year with John MacArthur as senior pastor.  All the rest off us can do is stand up and say thanks to MacArthur for his faithfulness and to God for His provision in Johnny Mac.  It is not reaching to say that MacArthur's ministry at GCC sparked the worldwide blessing we've come to know as "Grace to You," as well as the 175+ books (!) that enrich millions of Christians.

Iain Murray (prolific author and co-founder of Banner of Truth Trust) is delivering the Sunday message from the GCC pulpit.  I heard tale that, when asked what he would talk about, he said he would be preaching from God's Word... not talking about a man.  To that, John MacArthur would surely amen.

To hear the live stream tomorrow, click here.  Of course, those of you on Pacific Standard Church Time should be in your own congregation during that hour, but I guess a few could benefit from this link. :)

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