Imagine... No Rob Bell

An interesting video has popped up on YouTube:

My first impressions are that the video is clever and the singer, a pretty good impressionist. I'm not sure people would dance around in tie-die shirts waving peace signs, resurrecting the spirits of the (dead) Beatles in the process, but a decent video all the same.

Yet, this "Imagine" scenario describes only one point in the future: the Kingdom Age. For this time, these people are needed for the health of the church. How do I know? Because God is a sovereign God, and these men and their heresies continue to deceive.

Now, I don't know the complete answer to the why question, of course. Are they a judgment because of where the church is today, spiritually? Maybe.

Are they the simply natural byproduct of the poor theological emphasis and training of our churches? Perhaps.

But I think Martin Luther said something like, "God can draw a straight line with a crooked stick." These are here for a reason, and we need to contemplate that while hoping for that time when everything will be clear and without deception.

We need to consider some of the questions and grievances that have driven these men off the path to make certain that we are on the path, ourselves.

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