Newborns Cause Us to Praise Our Wonderful Designer

Someone sent me a message asking a couple of questions I want to share.  The answers, interestingly, are something I had already been pondering throughout the day as I have had a chance to hold our and study baby girl!  Here was the message:
What is that white powdery substance that was all over the baby.

Umbilical cords make me gag a little...but, I feel compelled to ask- what in the world is inside them?!?!?

Here was my reply:
The white stuff is called vermix. It is a secretion made by the baby in the uterus and serves as a protective from dehydration and possibly the prune effect (like when you've been in the bath or swimming pool too long). It is a natural moisturizer for the baby's skin. Obviously, we clean the excess off after delivery, but it is largely reabsorbed into the skin. God's neat, isn't He?

As for the cord, I agree. The translucent appearance of the tube reminds me of fly larva. But, it too is an incredible design, being an all natural pipeline to service the baby's nutrition needs. As for what is in it, I'm not sure... leftover food goop, I guess. :) We will gradually dry out the cord with alcohol, which will shrivel it up into a black, rotten banana that will fall off in a week or two.

I just looked up the cord online and here is one additional neat feature: the cord self-clamps after delivery, though we add a clamp anyway. The food is, of course, transferred via blood vessels (the burger crumbs from mom don't fit too well), and the built-in clamping mechanism would ensure that the baby wouldn't bleed to death after the cord is cut.  Cool or what?

Hopefully it helps!  God bless.

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