My Suggestions for New Bus Slogans

By now, you've probably heard of the atheistic slogans appearing on various buses. Here is one example:

"There's probably no God.
Now stop worrying

and enjoy your life."

What you may not have heard is that there is a nifty little bus slogan generator so you can create your own. Since I am intrigued by the logic of the atheist bus, I decided to offer some pithy suggestions. Pick a new motto from my buses bellow:

"There's probably no danger.
Now reduce your carbon —
don't cook meat"

That one is environmentally friendly and a means of population control. Very PC. Oh, wait, it still advocates the murder of animals...

"You probably won't get caught.
So enjoy your money

lie on your taxes."

Just in time for tax season.

"There's probably no cop.
Getting there faster while having fun."

Over the top? Maybe too close to home.

Feel free to make your own!

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