New Release: "Right Thinking"

If you enjoyed "Think Biblically," and Red Letter Christians... um, not so much, then you'll probably enjoy this one.

The full title is "Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong: A Biblical Response to Today's Most Controversial Issues." So, here is my HT, and I now engage the copy-n-paste:


This month marks the release of our new staff book: Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong (Harvest House). The book addresses contemporary issues in entertainment, ethics, and politics. In an effort to introduce it to you, we will be running excerpts here on Pulpit over the next few days. (To visit the publisher's promo page for the book, click here.)

Here is the Table of Contents:

Introduction: The Bible and Real Life (John MacArthur)

* * *

Section 1: Entertainment and Leisure

1. Glorifying God in the Gray Areas: Christian Liberty and the World of Entertainment (John MacArthur)

2. A Match Made in e-Heaven: Internet Dating and God-Honoring Romance (Rick Holland)

3. Where Virtual Reality Meets Real Life: Video Games and a Biblical Worldview (Austin Duncan)

4. Parental Guidance Required: Making Wise Media Choices for You and Your Family (Kurt Gebhards)

5. American Idols: Entertainment, Escapism, and the Cult of Celebrity (Tom Patton)

* * *

Section 2: Morality and Ethics

6. What God Hath Joined Together: Issues Related to Divorce and Remarriage (Pastoral Perspective)

7. When Life Is Reduced to a Choice: Opposing Abortion while Reaching Out to Hurting Women (Bill Shannon)

8. Planned Parenthood? Birth Control, In Vitro Fertilization, and Surrogacy (Pastoral Perspective)

9. Hope, Holiness, and Homosexuality: A Strategy for Ministering to Struggling Christians (John Street)

10. The Right to Die and the Right to Kill: Euthanasia, Suicide, and Capital Punishment (Pastoral Perspective)

* * *

Section 3: Politics and Activism

11. God, Government, and the Gospel: How Should Christians Think about Political Activism? (John MacArthur)

12. Faith, Fidelity, and the Free Market: Biblical Living in a Secular Economy (Jonathan Rourke)

13. God’s Carbon Footprint: Global Warming and the Environmental Movement (Pastoral Perspective)

14. From Every Tribe and Tongue: Racism and Reconciliation in Church and Culture (Mark Tatlock)

15. When the Nations Come to Us: Illegal Immigration and Border Control (Pastoral Perspective)

* * *

Part 4: Tragedy and Suffering

16. Sorrow, Suffering, and the Sovereignty of God: Divine Providence and the Problem of Evil (Rick Holland)

17. When Bad Things Happen to God’s People: Responding Rightly to Personal Hardship and Trials (Irv Busenitz)

18. Why Christians Can Trust God: Putting Your Hope in Your Heavenly Father (Nathan Busenitz)

19. Help for the Hurting and Hope for the Lost: Mercy Ministries and the Great Commission (Jesse Johnson)

20. A Hope That’s Fixed in a World That’s Broken: The Gospel as God’s Solution for Our Fallen World (Kevin Edwards)

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