Blue Letter Bible is bluer and better

I'm impressed by the improvements BLB has made. The free tools online continue to grow, proving that poor Bible students do not need to drop hundreds of dollars into software to take advantage of the computer age. Here are a few updates of interest:
  • They've updated their search feature. Here's a video describing it:

    BLB Comparison: Old Search vs. New Search from BLB Seth on Vimeo.

  • They've included a "preferred Bible" feature. Now you don't have to do your searches in the KJV and then click a link to compare to the reading of the Bible you use. Nice.

  • Their language tools are getting awesomer. Check this out:

    • They no longer use little square images to accomplish Greek and Hebrew text. Granted, that method had it's advantages on the net, but look... it's not 2004 anymore.

    • The Hebrew text has the option of cantillation marks. The version of the BHS I have in Logos right now doesn't even have this (I know, I'm old-school)!

    • OT language searches automatically include the Septuagint. They always did, but its worth mentioning again. :)

  • Of course, if you are like my grandma and have internet service that charges by the hour, you can get BLB on CD (which are also a good idea for missionaries).
Admittedly, some of these features have been in place for a while and I'm just now noticing them. BLB has now made it back to the top of my list of preferred Bible sites, and I hope you'll visit them if you haven't done so recently. Their blurb boasts of "over 4,000,000 links onsite to over 165,000 pages of concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, images, and Bible versions!"

Luke Khuu pointed out that Re: Greek is shutting down, making BLB all the more valuable to your online toolbox.

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