Downloading the Shepherds' Conference

Please see "Shepherds' Conference Audio" for a full list of conference audio and corresponding notes.

It looks like all the audio and video is available from the Shepherds' Conference. All the audio is free for download, which includes the seminar sessions. The video is only $4 per download, but only covers the general sessions.

Please also note that both MP3 and standard audio CD's are available for purchase. I heard tale that DVDs are coming soon, as well, but are not currently available.

All of this can be found in "the vault" at: .

If you want to take advantage of all of this, but did not attend the conference and do not have a Shepherds' Fellowship account: fear not. Joining is easy and free. All you need to do is go to the site to create an account, filling in some basic information. No thugs shall appear at your door, nor shall spammers invade your mailbox should you do this, I'm told to promise you (or else!).

To remind you of the fun you could be downloading, here is the schedule again:
General Sessions:
  1. John MacArthur on the importance of believing in biblical creationism.
  2. Tom Pennington on how to build the church.
  3. John MacArthur on Grace Community Church's foundations, 40 years ago & today.
  4. Rick Holland with three applications of pastoral theology.
  5. Al Mohler on the authority of preaching.
  6. Phil Johnson on contextualization and questionable language from the pulpit.
  7. Steve Lawson on protecting the purity of the Gospel.
  8. John MacArthur on the problem of evil.

Seminar Sessions:
  • What is an Evangelical? (Phil Johnson)
    Examining the ever-changing definition.
  • How Firm a Foundation (Tom Patton)
    A philosophy of ministry built upon the text of scripture.
  • Are We Losing Our Youth? (Austin Duncan)
    And what your church can do to prevent it.
  • Ask Our Elders (Bill Zimmer, Rob Iverson, Richard Harasick, and John Bates)
    An interactive forum on practical ministry issues.
  • From Moses to Malachi (Irv Busenitz)
    How to preach the Old Testament.
  • Restoration Hardware (Bill Shannon)
    Understanding the goal of church discipline.
  • Preaching with Precision (Bill Barrick)
    Studying the passage with accuracy and care.
  • Making Waves Without Sinking the Ship (Rob Iverson)
    How biblical leadership both creates and resolves conflict.
  • The Gospel According to James (Will Varner)
    Keys to preaching this life-transforming letter.
  • Servants, Not Spectators (Brent Small)
    Motivating and mobilizing members into the work of the ministry.
  • Missional Madness (Jesse Johnson)
    Reclaiming the Great Commission in your local church.
  • A Multitude of Counselors (John Street)
    How to train lay leadership to assist you in biblical counseling.
  • When Absence Makes the Heart Grow (John Glass)
    Cultivating your church's love for its missionaries
  • Preaching with Purpose (Tom Pennington)
    Crafting an effective sermon that stays faithful to the text.
  • A New Kind of Fool (Nathan Busenitz)
    Assessing the New Atheism from a biblical perspective.
  • Families in the Fishbowl (Chris Hamilton)
    What every pastor and elder needs to know about raising his kids.
  • Throw Out Your Fleece (Jonathan Rourke)
    A guide to biblical decision making.
  • A Family for the Fatherless (Mark Tatlock)
    Living out the gospel through adoption and mercy ministry.
  • Authentic or Counterfeit? (Richard Mayhue)
    What the Bible teaches about faith healing.
  • Preaching with Passion (Alex Montoya)
    Proclaiming the sermon with clarity and conviction.
  • O Worship the King (Andy Snider)
    Igniting a passion for corporate worship in your church.
  • How to Save the Planet (Kevin Edwards)
    Developing a biblical model for world missions.
  • Just the FAQs (Jonathan Rourke, Rick Holland, and Rob Iverson)
    Answering the common ministry questions that we have received over the years.
  • The Gospel According to Mohammed (Bill Barrick)
    Addressing the fallacies of Islam.
  • An Army of One (Kurt Gebhards)
    The call to cultivate unity in your local church.
  • Even Unto the Least of These (Rick McLean)
    Ministering effectively to those with autism, Down syndrome, and other special needs.
God bless!

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