SC: Q & A with John MacArthur

I quickly discovered there was too much of value said to keep up. I recommend you listen to the audio file when it is available. I'll let you know when.

Here are a couple of bits of interesting trivia, though. This is MacArthur's 40th year with Grace Community church, as you may know. This also marks his 50th year in preaching.

He said his first time preaching was when he was 19, and he said it was awful. He preached on the empty tomb, and his message was "Rolling Away the Stones in Your Life." LOL.

John turns 69 this year, and shares his birthday with C. H. Spurgeon.
One comment stood out (though there were a lot of great comments): “The [teacher] who does not preach the text of Scripture has a weak view of Scripture, no matter what they say they have.

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