Happy Earth Day

I'm running my AC for the first time this year, and I left some lights on for half the night. How do you celebrate Earth Day? (Okay, I'm not really being wasteful. I can't afford the bills! Plus, good stewardship and all that.)

Fred Butler posted some biblical resources for dealing with this high holy day.
  • A brief article by John MacArthur: Do we have a responsibility to care for the environment?

  • A longer message John gave specifically addressing environmentalism and the global warming hoax. The End of the Universe, Part 2

  • Before his death, Michael Crichton became one of the most outspoken critics of global warming and man-made climate change. He devoted a number of speeches on the subject that are outstanding. He was not a Christian as far as I know, but his notoriety as a popular novelist and Hollywood player gave his message a platform lesser known folks could never gain. His most notable speech, and probably the one that earned him the reputation as being a global warming critic, was one he gave at Cal Tech in Pasadena back in 2003, Aliens Cause Global Warming

  • Others are located at his speech page on his website. One other good one is a speech detailing the history of Yellowstone National Park and how well intentioned environmentalists made some rather spectacular mistakes messing up the ecosystem assuming they could save the park to exist in a certain way. Complexity Theory and Environmental Management

  • And then lastly, a series of articles accessible at Answers in Genesis on Global Warming.
And because it is okay to sometimes have a blog post that stretches to just this side of eternity, I Hate the Media posted the following 25 videos Al Gore doesn't want you to see.

6th Annual Meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

Global Warming Doomsday Called Off

John Stossel: Give me a break!

Glenn Beck Montage of clips on Global Warming (90:00)

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Ten minutes to expose global warming scam

The Global Warming CO2 Scam

Apocalypse? No!

Glenn Beck’s Exposed; The Climate of Fear

Freeman Dyson on Global Warming (2 parts)

Red Hot Lies (7 parts)

Sir David Attenborough: The Truth About Climate Change

Global Warming is Fake

Exposed: Climate of Fear (Glenn Beck)

Global Warming, some real science

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Lou Dobbs Global Warming Scam Segment (1/31/09)

Alex Jones - Global Warming & The NAU Carbon Tax Scam

Chris Horner Explains the Hype Behind Global Warming

Al Gore sued by over 30 000 Scientists for fraud John Coleman

Bull****! - Environmental Hysteria

Penn and Teller - Bull****! - Environmental Hysteria *LANGUAGE ADVISORY

The Myth about Global Warming

Unstoppable Solar Cycles

Climate Catastrophe Canceled

Last, but maybe most important: Michael Crichton “State of Fears”

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