Todd Friel and Christopher Hitchens

This past Friday, Todd Friel had the opportunity to interview Christopher Hitchens, author of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.

Friel took an interesting approach with Hitchens, choosing to ask conscience-oriented questions rather than engaging in any apologetic discussion. In fact, Hitchens makes several passing comments to which, in the course of any similar interview, the Christian host would be expected to respond. Instead of responding, Friel just trucks through his questions.

The highlight of the interview comes with the final question.
Friel: Sir, is it possible that the reason you rage so much against God is because you just want to live your own autonomous way, living any way you want to, any lifestyle you prefer, without being accountable to your Creator?

Hitchens: I think that’s highly probable, yes.
Classic demonstration of Romans 1:18-32.

Wretched Radio posted a segment of the interview, which I post first. Someone else posted the full interview if you prefer, which is the second and third videos below that.

UPDATE: HT to Apologetics 315 for pointing to the full MP3 audio and the quick audio highlight, if you prefer those formats.

Truncated Interview:

Full Interview, Part 1:

Full Interview, Part 2:

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