10 People Every Pastor Should Fear

This from the Gospel-Driven Church.  (HT: The Irish Calvinist.)
1. The guy who "subtly" reminds you how much he gives to the church.
He thinks he is buying influence, and because some of his money pays your salary, he thinks he is buying more access to you and more pull with you than others have. Relieve him of this illusion if necessary.

2. The young guy who likes it when you rant against stuff or preach angry.
Beware of pleasing young men too much. Young men are notoriously stupid. (I know, 'cause I am one.)

3. The guy or gal who doesn't like it when you rant against stuff or preach angry.
Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. If you're sincerely and reliably preaching the Word, toes are going to be stepped on from time to time. If you're not being self-indulgent about it and you are speaking the truth, beware those who think you should be more "positive" like those fellows on TV.

4. The lady with the unbelieving or spiritually unsophisticated husband who emails you a lot.
Danger, Will Robinson.

5. The person who finds you right after the message to point out something you got wrong, quibble over a minor point, or mention some other criticism.
You are tapped out right after your sermon, and this person will just crush your heart with one soft blow.

6. The person who likes every single one of your sermons.
You ain't that great, and you know it. Don't get puffed up.

7. The guy on the theological hobbyhorse.
His spiritual energy revolves around the rapture, paedocommunion, Calvinism or Arminianism, evolution, what-have-you and he thinks yours should too. These are distractions especially tempting for nerd pastors like me.

8. The podcast sermon connoisseur who thinks, "You really oughtta listen to what John Piper says about that." Etc.
This person is a close relative of #5 and sometimes #2.

9. The worship leader who has CD's of himself.
Always use a less talented guy with a submissive heart over a more talented guy who sees his role as a stepping stone to somewhere else.
This is closely related to the pastor who has written books. :-)

10. God

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