CA schools teaches 5-yo's 'Gay is OK,' parents left with little options

Do you remember that Prop 8 supporters were accused of lying about the effects gay marriage would have in schools?  Watch this refresher from the CA Super of Public Instruction:

Okay, in passing I must note that this commercial was attacking a straw man.  His statement, "Prop 8 has nothing to do with schools or kids" is true, but fails to address parental concerns.  The point of the Pro-8 ad wasn't that the Prop 8's failure requires homosexual indoctrination within schools, but that it opens the door to homosexual indoctrination (as we've seen in Massachusetts).  It is true that teachers could avoid discussing the issue, but they would have to validate "gay" marriage should the question arise.

Alright, enough of that; the election is over.  Let's now look at the other side of the issue.  Did the passage of Prop 8 halt homosexual indoctrination?  Of course not.  According to OneNewsNow, a daring school district is proving that point with a new curriculum aiming to eradicate homophobia. 

And readers of this post need not claim that my usage of the word "indoctrination" is alarmist; parents may not opt their children out of this program.

The kicker?  The curriculum is for kindergartners. In case you've forgotten, kindergarten is for that special age bracket of youngsters who just then have a handle on bed-wetting, and are moving forward to master tracing shapes and writing the squiggles adults call letters.  Yes, kindergartners who are exploring the elements of basic peer relationships like "be kind," "share," and "don't hit" in the Alameda Unified School District will be learning that male-male/female-female loves are just swell. 

All this is at the time when boys like to digg in the dirt together away from the weird creatures called "girls," and those girls are trying to have clean fun while avoiding the smelly young males who share the playground.  I wonder how confusing it is for children who naturally desire same-sex companionship to hear that similar relationships are "homosexual" or "gay." 

This is not the first CA county to implement "gay" curriculum.  On May 2, WND reported that San Francisco schools are on target to "meet the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth," beginning with their kindergarten classes.  Students in these classes "are warned against 'bigoted' values by learning to define 'homophobia' and 'prejudice.'"

The point
It is vital for parents to know where their children's school stands on teaching such things. 

Churches should begin to work more closley with concerned parents to make certain that options are available, especially with low-income families who cannot afford private schools or the time off work during the day required for homeschooling. 

Parents living in school districts not requiring indoctrination should let schools know how happy they are that the schools are focused on foundational educational issues... reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic.

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