The Controversial Gospel

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to teach the youth at our new church. I've spent the last couple of weeks thinking about and working on a project for school on the Gospel, and considering the importance of the Gospel in our churches, it seemed natural to teach on that.

Yet, there are a few statements that I made that caused a ruckus (in a good way). Controversy is a good teaching tool. ;) Have you thought about some of these truths?
  • Religious people will be in Hell, as will regular, everyday people.
  • No one goes to Hell for simply not believing in Jesus.
  • You do not go to heaven simply because Jesus died on the cross and rose again.
  • The Gospel will probably cause you trouble: it is not about having an easy life.
  • Those who could be satisfied with a Heaven that lacks Jesus Christ would find the Heaven of Scripture to be Hell, and probably won't be there.
These are the more controversial points. Of course, we discussed what makes the Gospel so good, and how it is indivisible from God's glory. Yet, unless you understand that the cross is a scandal and foolish to this world, then you have probably heard a watered-down presentation.

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