Introducing Writing Wednesdays

William Zinnser wrote,
Don't assume that bad English can still be good journalism, or good business writing, or good technical writing, or good travel writing, or good sports writing.  It can't.  Good English is your passport to wherever you need to go in your writing, your work and your life (On Writing Well, p. xi).

I've made some awful mistakes in the thousands of posts I've placed on the internet.  Many times I'm too rushed to be cautious about my language, and I am repeat spelling offender.  Yet, of my posts, the worst are the ones unbelievers have the opportunity to read. 

I say the same for any poor Christian who has his keyboard shod with the Gospel of peace.  In a place where we cannot express ourselves through non-verbal means, we must select our words with the utmost care.

I'm still learning, as are you.  As such, starting next week and extending for the next few months, I'm going to set Wednesdays aside to post some tips that I have found useful.  I'm tayloring them specifically for fellow Christians, so that we all may be able to interact better on the internet. 

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