Getting Back

Phew. My last summer class is finally over. Remind me to stop taking those sixteen-week classes crammed into four weeks.

Oye vey.

Anywho, I can finally get back to posting regularly. That's more fun anyway, right?

It's going to take me about a week to get back up to 100% as I line some things up. I've had a couple of draft posts ready for final revision for a couple of weeks now, and I need to build back up the blog schedule.

I also have the pleasure of teaching adult Sunday School for the next couple of weeks, so please be in prayer about that.

This week will probably feature brief posts as I catch up on Google Reader. I'll say, "Hey, look at this!" but most of you will already have seen it days ago and roll your eyes. Oh well, humor me. I'm over 5,000 unread items in the hole right now.

Speaking of that, did you hear that Micheal Jackson was rushed to the hospital? Stay tuned here for up to the minute coverage, as we hope he pulls through.

Right. So, down to business. Thanks for sticking around and encouraging me to keep posting.

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