CAVA K-12 Homeschooling Materials Arrived

There was a lot more than I expected. Join me as I open the packages.

Cutting into the first box:

Each of the boxes contain suggestions imprinted on the inside flaps for how to reuse them. Funny.

Cool! They send science supplies. We keep these, and they are supposed to be good for experiments through 2nd grade.


But wait, there's more. Here is some of the additional reading that comes with the history:

I'll let you know in a future post if there is anything bizarre about the choices.

The map has the US on the back. Wow, and we have a DVD. Neat.

Inflatable globe. Wall cross not included. :)

Uh-oh, this looks like trouble waiting to happen:

A couple more books, these on art:
The white paper at the bottom shows a list of art prints they sent us.

The level of awesomeness is only going up. We still have more boxes to open. Here are some math supplies I would have never thought of getting:
Kindergarten. The only grade I remember liking math.

On to music:
Yes, that is a tambourine and slide whistle. Incidentally, I also have a keyboard and a saxophone, so we now have the makings of a family band. Tour information to follow.

More science stuff:
I'm expecting the book What's Alive to be a metaphysical treatise important to both the abortion and euthanasia debates. Or not. :)

The metal on the books are two magnets. Magnets are always fun, especially in magic tricks.
Behind the books is another inflatable globe. I didn't feel the need as of yet to blow up a second one.

Now, on to some language arts stuff. You'll recognize many of the classics:

And then there are all of the writing helps:
The mini-chalk board is quaint. :)

Almost done. I nearly forgot to examine this box:

(obviously) More phonics stuff inside:

A 3-ring binder, some magnetic letters and colorful squares. Do I need to clear my refrigerator door to make room for the magnetic learning? Nope, the good folks of K-12 also sent:

Magnetic boards! We also have a DVD, phonics flashcards, and... miniature white boards? I'm not sure that will work as well as the personal chalkboard. We'll have to wait and see.

That's it. Thanks for opening the boxes with me. Until next time!

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