CAVA Homeschooling this year

We've decided to homeschool our son for kindergarden this year. His older sisters are remaining in their school, but a couple of considerations made us decide to be the providers for his education (at least for this year).

We have choosen a new California program to help us do this. California Virtual Academies (CAVA) is a homeschool extension of the public school system. I'm his teacher, but I also enjoy the assistance of a teacher online as well as free materials both via the internet and standard hard-copy textbooks.

Here is my understanding thusfar:

  • Unlike most homeschool materials, everything appears to be FREE.
  • CAVA is taking care of all the state stuff.
  • I have accountability.
  • I have access to a teacher if I need it
  • All grading and testing is handled through CAVA
  • Though there is a minimum daily time commitment, I have flexibility as to how to group the hours (morning, evening, or a little of both) and even the days of instruction (for instance, Saturdays).
  • I have neighbors who homeschool, one also starting this very program this year and another who uses Christian materials.
  • Yet to be seen.
I'll periodically post on this program to let anyone interested know how it goes.

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