Soon: Modern Bible Versions Exposed

I am currently writing a multi-part response to a YouTube video called "Modern Bible Versions Exposed." I'll let you guess as to what the video is about and what position the speaker holds.

Why respond to a KJV-Only video?
First, because both KJV-Onlyists and non-Onlyists agree that handling the Word of God with care is important, so answering the debate is important for believers who are concerned about this issue.

Second, because it is important to understand what the Word of God is when we say we hold to Scripture. My contention is that many KJV-Onlyists restrict God's Word among the His people to an archaic form of the English language, and perhaps miss many wonderful truths found therein as a result.

Third, because it is important to have faith in what God has spoken, but for the right reasons.

Fourth, because there are some superstitious tendencies within the movement that Christians should avoid, tendencies that may even prove damaging to the Gospel. This reason alone makes this an important topic for this blog.

Fifth and finally, because I used to be a KJV-Onlyist who had contact only with other KJV-Onlyists in my youth, I know how convincing and troubling this issue can be for some Christians. In other words, it is a pet interest of mine that I force upon you. So, enjoy.
This series will launch either this week or next.

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