Modern Bible Versions Exposed, Part 2

In part one, we looked at the first nine minutes of this video.  We'll keep with roughly nine minutes again, stopping a few seconds before minute 18:00.

It is very interesting that Anderson appeals to the historical evidence of the Bible as evidence for the reliability of the KJV in the face of the claims of Mormonism.  I agree, of course, that we can be certain that we have what God delivered ages ago based on the extant manuscripts.  However, a KJV-Only position of "We know its the Word of God because it is" does not hold up well against similar Mormon claims.  Indeed, Anderson understands that he must explain his rationale, show his homework, and explain that the Bible is reliable despite Mormon charges of corruption (while the facts demonstrate the contrary: the Book of Abraham, for instance, has been demonstrated to be a fraud).

Anderson links the reliability of the Bible to 2 Peter 1:16–21.  The link is surrounding the question of whether the Bible is as trustworthy as Peter describes it if we do not know what it says.  This, again, is not proof that the KJV is the sole translation of the Word of God in English, but he throws this point in as his conclusion to his introduction.

In case you are lost, we are now around 17:14.

Anderson again confuses if something is lost in translation and the Bible promises it can be translated into other languages.  He confuses God will preserve His Words with God's Word can be trusted as being translated correctly.  It is at this point an unquestioned link is established in the minds of the listeners: the Bible promises preservation or a perfect translation into every language The Bible makes no such promise, but this subtle leap forms the basis of believing that there is only one version of the Bible for believers.  It was that kind of thinking that created Septuagint-onlyists, Vulgate-onlyists, and now KJV-onlyists.

Wrapping up this part...

We are going to stop right here, and save Anderson's proof that the devil is behind modern translations until next time.   Keep in mind, however, what major proof has not been yet given: the KJV is the only version English-speaking peoples should use.

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