President Plans to Talk to My Kids Tomorrow

And yours, as well, fellow Christian.

So, is this a sinister ploy to push his seemingly socialistic agenda?  Is he planning on brainwashing our kids against us in the anti-Christian or anti-good sense policies he promotes?

Okay, let's cool off for a moment. 

First, we are to honor those who have authority over us, even if we have strong disagreements with them (Rom 13:1-7; Titus 3:1; 1 Pet 2:17).  Keep in mind that Paul and Peter wrote under the rule of the Roman Empire, the same empire that promoted all sorts of godless activities, including murdering and persecuting people simply for naming the name of Christ.  Obama isn't quite that bad, so let us be measured in our response.

Second, we need to ask ourselves about the example we set for our children.  This, of course, stems from our own commitment to Scripture's command to honor those in authority, and how it applies to this situation.  It is not that Barack Obama will be speaking to American schoolchildren tomorrow, but the President of the United States of America.  Do we have enough honor in us for the office of the presidency to promote the importance of any presidential address to the public, whether it be to students or adults? 

Now, I know what you're thinking.  Do we want to willingly expose our children to Obama's indoctrination in the name of honoring ruling authorities?  Of course, in that question is the assumption that the president plans to indoctrinate our kids.  That is, that he plans to use this address for indoctrination purposes. 

I agree, however, that we have to be wise. For your review, here are some links:
And, for your viewing pleasure, you can watch the live stream on this page tomorrow at 12PM EST:

Now, on to some preliminary remarks based on what is provided for us:
  • I see nothing in the prepared speech that makes me want to opt my children out of the discussion.   Therefore, there is no reason I should not allow them to participate.
  • Yes, the material runs the risk of becoming sycophantic within the hands of teachers who might believe Obama is the Second Coming.  For instance, no where does the material ask, "Do you disagree with anything the president has said?"  This is part of the critical thinking process the exercise wants to promote.  Further, the material for the older students wants them to wonder, "How will he inspire us?"  Inspire, really? Of course, more reasonable teachers will not use this as an opportunity to induct their students into a personality cult, and we as parents have the right and the ability to engage in the process.
  • As such, I am convinced that the overall impact of the classroom material and speech can be positive. The planned classroom process hones listening skills and applies principles I hope they will learn to utilize at the foot of any lectern (or pulpit). Furthermore, and fundamentally, it may help cultivate a desire within them to learn and value education—which is one of our goals for our children, anyway.
Feel free to diasagree (or agree!) below.  Even though I write this primarily to Christians, as always, non-Christians are also invited to comment.  Visit back here tomorrow to watch the vid, or, if I have turned you off completely, watch it at

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