Homeschool fun with my 5 year old


"So, tell me two things you remember about our 'visit' to Ireland."

"Two things, buddy."
"Um, I don't know."

"Really?  We've just spent the last 30 minutes on it."
"Um, I don't remember."

"We just talked about it."

"Okay, that's alright.  We'll move on to the next question.  Do you remember why Ireland is nicknamed 'The Emerald Isle?'"
"Um, no."

"What did we say was another word for emerald ?"

"Remember how there is grass all over the place?"

"So what is emerald?"
"Um, I don't know."  (He says this while playing with a green crayon.)

"I'll give you a hint: you're touching it.  What is another word for emerald?"

"No, green!  Okay, and what was an isle?"

"What is it short for?"

"Isle is a small island, right?"

"So, what is an emerald isle?"
"A green island?"

"Yes!" (Now we're getting somewhere!)  "And what are two things you can tell me about Ireland?"
"Green island?"

"GREAT!  I also would have accepted 'shamrocks' and leprechauns.'"
"Oh, yeah."


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