Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Reinstall Office 2007 After Reformatting Hard Drive

Most of you might know that my computer has been down for several days, the highlight of which included a complete wipe of my hard drive and re-installation of all my doodads. 

It took me all of yesterday to figure out how to reinstall Office 2007 onto my (*ahem*) Windows Vista-powered laptop. 

A dozen websites later, I finally got things going.

So, to save other people the hassle, here are the instructions to install Word, etc., after a reformat.
  • Have your CD handy.  Do not put it into the computer.  Also, have your phone ready.
  • Uninstall any version of Office that came with your computer.  If you accidentally loaded an older version of Office because you thought you had the current CD, uninstall it.  Restart.
  • Tell your computer that it is okay to have "Run" on your Start button.  (Right-click on taskbar, click Properties, click on the Start Menu tab.  The Start Menu radio button should be selected.  Click Customize, scroll down and check the Run command check-box.)
  • Go to Start>Run, and enter "regedit."  Delete all instances of Office from the local machine and from all users (look under Software>Microsoft in each instance).  Restart.
  • Download a trial version of the MS Office suite you have.  That's right.
  • Enter the product key listed on your CD into the trial version activation wizard.
  • You've probably installed Office too many times on your PC... so you're told.  You'll have to call an automated message to verify that you are an honest person.  There's a three dozen-digit code to read to the system (speak slowly), it will ask you if you've been naughty, and then it will read you a code to enter.  It's a bully-good time.
  • Restart.
Hopefully, I didn't forget anything on this list.  For some reason, I remember from last year just popping the 2007 CD and everything working fine.  But this is... easy... too.  

Of course, I know that all who have not bowed a knee to Bill are laughing right now, but is there any hope of repentance at this point?