2009 Top Stories

I don't think I've done a post gathering top stories yet, so here we go.

Starting light:
Most Ridiculous Lawsuits (Courtesy of Faces of Lawsuit Abuse)
Alright, now to OneNewsNow.com Year in Reviews
  • National Security 2009 
    • Guantanamo Bay: not closed yet!
    • Controversy: DHS has wrong focus and singles out people based on politics
    • Fort Hood: we are still naive.
  • Education 2009 
    • Germany continues persecutions, homeschooling family seeks asylum
    • Obama's education czar promotes sexually-explicit materials in schools
    • Controversy over high-school cheerleaders using Bible verses
  • Legal 2009 
    • The ACLU and someone found a WWI memorial cross offensive.
    • High court says "no" to protecting kids from porn
    • Churches are tax-exempt, but not their administrative offices?
    • Voters don't want same-sex marriage, but court says the ban is unconstitutional!
  • Global Warming 2009 
    • International conference held in March to dispute global warming theory
    • Again, Climategate.  It ain't goin' away.
    • Thankfully, Copenhagen was a failure.
    • New documentary, "Not Evil Just Wrong" is an inconvenient truth for Al Gore
    • Those asking Gore tough questions get their plug pulled
  • Church 2009 
    • The Episcopal Church, USA, continues its decline by electing an openly lesbian woman to be bishop in the LA Archdiocese.  
    • Tooley elected pres over the Institute for Religion and Democracy, a watchdog of the religious left.
    • ECLA continues its decline, members urged by conservatives to give elsewhere as a result.
  • Pro-Life 2009 
    • There may be as many as 1,500 abortion clinics that have permanently closed their doors since 1991, with only 700 to go nationwide.  Praise God!
    • (Some of) said Planned Parenthood clinics once again caught on tape willfully covering-up statutory rape cases.
    • And, Planned Parenthood caught on tape deliberately deceiving (i.e., violating a woman's right-to-know law) in order to sell 
  • Healthcare Reform 2009.  This year, we saw the government ignore the majority of the American people and good fiscal sense with the forced passage of healthcare bills.  2010 may see some of the following (hopefully not!):
    • High fines and jail time for those who cannot afford health coverage (the poor) or those who have the means to pay their own bills without health care (the rich).  Finally, a bill that brings us all together... to bad its in the local pen.
    • Increased costs to families who have healthcare.
    • Increased costs to companies, possible inability of small businesses to continue sustaining employee costs under new laws.
    • Tax-payer funded abortions-on-demand.
    • Increased numbers of people visiting doctors and ERs for nominal issues like runny noses with no increase in current medical staff.  (Translated: exponentially increasing wait times.)
    • Personally, no change at all in the number of times we go to the doctor as a family; a fourfold increase in the amount we spend on medical as a family.
    • The joy of knowing we have a medical coverage as great as Canada's.
World Magazine:
Well, my eyes are starting to cross, so I'll end it there on the top news of 2009.

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