Google fears a peaceful religion

That is the only conclusion I can come up with.

Google's suggestion popups are a helpful time-saver in the search process -- begin to type a phrase and a number of completed, common searches or high-ranking page visits allow the user to navigate quickly toward his inquiry destination.

Except when it doesn't work.  As you type the word "Isalm" into Google search, you''ll note that a number of suggestions begin to appear.  Add to the search phrase the verb "is" and suddenly the suggestions evaporate.

However, type in "Christianity is," "Judaism is," etc., and the suggestions (many of which are inflammatory) abound.  See the image below from the original Fox News story:


Google claims that this is a bug.  However, the search "Islam is" works fine (with the top-ranking results being a smörgåsbord of blogs more up-to-date than this one).  What are some of the other results?  "Islam is stupid;" "Islam is a dangerous religion;" "Islam is violent;" these suggestions popping up on a jihadist's screen would spark a fuse as short as the one in Mohammed's cartoon turban.

I'm very interested in seeing 1) if and how fast they get this "bug" fixed, and 2) if fixed, if it will return any negative suggestions.

Now, for the sake of balance, Islam is not completely censored by Google.  Do variations on this phrase to obtain Islamic negatives (such as "Isalm hate" for a number of accurate suggestions), and "Mohammed is" returns "a false prophet" and "the antichrist."  However, none of this is as vitriolic as what Christian-related searches return.  Let's keep the searches going to see what changes in the next few days.

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