Helping with Haitian Relief: Warnings and Guidance

First, the warnings. If you haven't heard, scammers are already out and about and ready to take advantage of your generosity. gives the following advice in choosing in whom to place your credit card trust:
  • Be skeptical of folks claiming to be quake victims or survivors
  • Do not click on any unsolicited email links or attachments, unless they are from Pisteuo.
  • Be skeptical of charities: request information in writing and check to see if they are registered at Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance, or Charity
  • In other words, don't trust a nice-sounding name like "Relief Fund for Haiti, Really, So Please Give Me Your Bank Account Number."
  • Ask the percent-per-dollar going to Haiti, and how you may designate funds.
  • Never give cash. The guy on the street corner with a bucket is probably not from the UN.
  • Don't give credit cards to telemarketers or to un-secure websites (look for the "https://" in the address when you click that Donate button).
  • Legit charities don't use sales tactics; distrust the dude on the phone saying, "Awww, com'on, you can do better than that!"

So, who should you trust? Well, according to PulpitBlog of Grace Community Church ("GCC"), the Children's Hunger Fund ("CHF") had, praise God, people on the ground with food and supplies before the earthquake struck. The CHF team is biblical and Gospel-oriented, some having been trained here in SoCal at The Master's Seminary. They are providing counseling to the hurting and lost souls trapped on the island. Another ship of supplies is on the way.

If you haven't heard of CHF before, they have the highest possible rating at and Charity Navigator. 99% of each dollar will go to Haiti.

How to help? Pray. To also give, visit this link provided by GCC or the CHF homepage.

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