Underreported Stories of 2009

It's easy to be picky over the precise wording or time devoted to a news story.  But then there are those stories when you say, "Wow, why isn't there any ongoing coverage on this?  Why isn't anyone asking any questions?"

Here are a few lists of 2009's big deals.  This is not to say the lists below come from folks who are perfect in their reporting or even folks with whom I always agree (and I wish I didn't have to waste your time with such a disclaimer), but I do agree that these stories kinda disappeared from the networks... prematurely.

Fox News' List

Michelle Malkin's trio list
  • President Obama’s ongoing radical czar problem
  • The White House’s U.S. Attorney nomination debacle in Denver
  • Attorney General Eric Holder's continued obstructionism in the New Black Panther Party Election Day voter intimidation case
Big Government Blog
  • Climategate
  • The Tea Party Movement
  • Fort Hood and Islamic Extremism
  • ACORN and SEIU
  • HCR Cover-up (BTW: this is one of the top scariest stories for me since I've started paying attention to the news, as it has made me afraid of what is happening to American government)
  • NEA
  • DHS, Napolitano Target Dissent
  • Kevin Jennings
  • Van Jones
  • Obama's Lack of Success (Nobel "prize" not withstanding)

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