The Weather of the Bible: An Overview of An Overlooked Aspect of Biblical Backgrounds

From the past Bible-Science Association meeting:

The statements about weather in the Bible are numerous, telling, but often overlooked.  The Bible not only detailed the Hydrological Cycle centuries before the scientific community, but also details specific information about weather and weather related phenomena that even today still puzzles the meteorological and climate forecast community.  This lecture will look at some issues related to Biblical interpretation as it relates to weather, the weather as a demonstration of the power of God, and an overview of the current hysteria over "Global Warming" and something called the "Evangelical Climate Initiative."

Our speaker, Dennis Swanson - M.Div The Master's Seminary, D.Min Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, entered the ministry after serving almost 15 years at LAPD.  He has contributed over the years to the religion section a major newspaper as well as several theological, counseling and apoligetics books, publications and journals.  He is currently the Director of Israel Studies at The Master's Seminary.

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