CA Standardized Tests Released

This should be helpful to parents who have their kids in public school (either in the traditional sense or in the home-school sense as we do). The California Department of Education has released past CSTs (California Standards Tests) to help parents help their kids prepare.

English-Language Arts

Grade 2 (PDF; 819KB; 46pp.)

Grade 3 (PDF; 877KB; 45pp.)

Grade 4 (PDF; 1.9MB; 73pp.)

Grade 5 (PDF; 883KB; 66pp.)

Grade 6 (PDF; 991KB; 61pp.)

Grade 7 (PDF; 848KB; 69pp.)

Grade 8 (PDF; 933KB; 67pp.)

Grade 9 (PDF; 1.5MB; 71pp.)

Grade 10 (PDF; 2.7MB; 76pp.)

Grade 11 (PDF; 809KB; 70pp.)


Grade 2 (PDF; 4MB; 57pp.)

Grade 3 (PDF; 786KB; 35pp.)

Grade 4 (PDF; 753KB; 35pp.)

Grade 5 (PDF; 552 KB; 33pp.)

Grade 6 (PDF; 549KB; 32pp.)

Grade 7 (PDF; 660KB; 36pp.)

Geometry (PDF; 818KB; 42pp.)

Algebra I (PDF; 671KB; 31pp.)

Algebra II (PDF; 549KB; 29pp.)

History-Social Science

Grades 6-8 (PDF; 964KB; 41pp.)

Grade 11 (PDF; 382KB; 29pp.)

World History-Social Science (PDF; 582KB; 28pp.)


Grade 5 (PDF; 2.2MB; 37pp.)

Grade 8 (PDF; 2.7MB; 21pp.)

Grade 10 (PDF; 799KB; 21pp.)

Biology (PDF; 673KB; 30pp.)

Chemistry (PDF; 513KB; 31pp.)

Earth Science (PDF; 579KB; 26pp.)

Physics (PDF; 627KB; 32pp.)

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