Christian Counseling

There are Christian counselors and then there are counselors are Christians.  Said another way, there are believers committed to serving their hurting brothers and sisters by biblical instruction and admonition, and then there are Christians who, with the best intentions, seek assistance from sources outside of the Bible and even outside of the Christian realm.

By "outside of the Bible," I mean mystical/pseudo-spiritual engagements that go beyond simple prayer.  The goal here is to provide a special healing that allegedly cannot come through confronting unbiblical thoughts and attitudes with biblical truths.

By "outside of the Christian realm," I mean turning to the false philosophies I highlighted here and here.

By all of this, I do not mean medication.  Counseling deals with the soul, drugs deal with the flesh.  There may be health issues that require meds, and there is nothing wrong with seeking medical help for medical problems.

Anyway, that review was to prepare you for the following link.  I hate being negative, believe it or not, so when I have to be like in the above links, I like to provide a positive counterbalance.'s "Meet the Ministries" segment interviewed CCEF, a Christian organization that trains counselors and provides assistance to hurting believers.  If you are unfamiliar CCEF, I encourage you to read that interview.

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