Hello! (Echo!)

I'm now trying the 30-day free trial of Echo because, well, I have few options. For those not in the know, I'm using a program called Haloscan (HS) for your comments, and HS is shutting down Feb 11.

Something about people from the future sabotaging the hardware.

So, it's either upgrade to Echo or download your HS comments to Blogger. And Blogger is boring as far as comments go. As you can see, my hands are tied.

This post is to let you know that the upgrade is complete. I am told all of your comments are safely saved and salvifically transfered.

Note the new comment-interface-thingamabobber down below this post. Have fun with it. This is a trial period, after all, and I need to decide whether it is something into which I want to invest $12/year.

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