On David Crowder and CCM

I am not anti-CCM, and many of the songs have enriched me throughout the years. Understand, I don't have a problem with a fast tempo, rocking drums, and awesome guitar solos. I think some of it can even translate and amply Christian themes and messages, based on the song's lyrical content and intended mood (there are exceptions to this, but I'll save those for another time). I consider myself well-rounded in my ability to judge the value of a song based on a wide range of genres and messages, and CCM is no different.

However, we can't accept that a song is "Christian" simply because of a particular record label or radio station promotions. Those composing a "Christian" song need not only confine themselves to worship or evangelistic music (a common misconception), but their goal must be to bring glory to God.

So, a song may be a story, and it may indeed be inspirational. But since every song has a philosophy, a Christian song must have a biblical and God-glorifying philosophy behind it.

Said another way, a Christian song should be theologically sound (pun intended), even if it is just some random story that ends uplifts the listener at the end.

This is the point: much of the theology CCM presents is murky, if not downright heretical.

A case in point is a worship leader (not a random CCM artist, but a man who leads churches before the Throne in song) named David Crowder. DefCon did a post on him, and though The Pilgrim's writing style may be a bit too confrontational for some Christians, I think he makes some good observations.

Let me also say that I have enjoyed some of the songs Crowder sings. Sometimes Christians are tempted to take an all-or-nothing approach, and that is not what we should do. However, you should have serious reservations if someone ever suggests promoting him at your church. He's heading down a bad path, and we don't want to appear to endorse the same.

What do you think?

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