Roman Catholic Mysticism and the Emerging Church Reexamined

This is a fast post, sorry if it is a bit brief or terse.  The Emergent Movement is not dead.  It is simply, as it always was, in flux.  Now comes the ecumenical embrace of all things religious, including pagan mysticism.  Phyllis Tickle, Brain McLaren, and Shane Claiborne are just a few names to watch for.

If this is new, check out this vid comparing RCC mysticism to that of the Emergents.  Here is the description from YouTube:

Mysticism attempts to gain ultimate knowledge of God by a direct experience that bypasses the mind. Catholic mysticism, now officially married to the Emerging Church, needs to be reexamined. Old-time mystics such as Loyola, Teresa of Avila, and John of the Cross need to be examined again along with modern so-called evangelical mystics such as Richard Foster. All of this, and more, is accomplished in this professional presentation along with graphic inserts of persons and events. An analysis is also made of Phyllis Tickle who has surfaced as a formidable leader of this toxic movement. The fall from power of Tony Jones, a former leading light of the movement, is also documented.

(HT: DefCon)

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