SC: You don't have to miss it

I am really impressed with how much the Shepherd's Conference is providing online for free. I didn't even realize what was available yesterday, and have spent the day updating some posts to reflect the changes.

First, in case you hadn't noticed, conference video is available for free viewing. This is in addition to the decision last year to make all audio free.

If you don't have time for the full video or you just want to whet your appetite, go over to Grace Church's YouTube channel to catch little highlight videos from each of the general sessions.

If you Facebook, you can become a fan of the SC page.

You can also follow the SC Twitter feed.

Or, if you like good photography, check out the SC Flickr feed.

Is that all? Nope, we're just getting started. ... Oh, wait, that is all... for now.

And maybe you want to consider coming next year. Perhaps you'll take your pastor, which will be a blessing to him and your church. You and he can have this:

Of course, get in line early:

At least three times as many people are in line behind me at this point! We're waiting for good, free, fast and not-so-fast (but more filling) food:

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