Short Review: "Wise Words for Moms"

I'm still cataloging the books we got from the Shepherd's Conference, and I think this was a giveaway at one of the tables.

While obviously written for mothers, this great tool is helpful for both parents. Addressing simple discipline issues in a calendar layout, this booklet will guide parents in probing their child's heart. Each issue is addressed in a "put on/ put off" fashion in line with Ephesians 4:22-23. It also provides supplemental verses for continual admonition.

This is a good starter tool for parents who want to address their children's behavior in a way that turns their eyes upon Christ and the Scripture. Consider this quote from the first page:
"It is not a parent's right to judge the thoughts and motives of their children. Wise parents will teach their children how to search and evaluate their own hearts for sinful motives."
5/5 stars; highly recommended for all parents.

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