Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  We remember this day that Jesus proved Himself through His victory over death!  We have peace with God through Him, and our hope stems from His resurrection.  Praise Him!

If you are not currently in a church, or if this is one of the few Sundays a year that you attend, I (lovingly) encourage you to plug into a faithful church body in obedience to our Lord that you might benefit from the light and life of fellow believers.  As iron sharpens iron, so does a fellowship of believers cause each member to become fine tools in the hands of the Master Craftsman.  Use today as a starting point to build those godly relationships in your life.

“Louis, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

As an aside, I'm going to be gone off the blog for a few more days because of the holiday (and because of some overdue school work... keep that between us), but I have some things lined up for later in the week.  Until then, God bless.

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