I was blind but now I see

An interesting aspect of the human condition is to believe that we are better off than we are. Perhaps this is why so many people discover, all at once it seems, that they are drowning in debt. Everything was fine, so they thought.

This applies to God. Many assume they have a connection to Him, that He knows that they are basically good people, that He will forgive any wrong that they have done in their lives. He is, after all, all-loving and all-merciful.

The question we never ask ourselves is whether we are deceived at the moment, if what we believe about ourselves is somehow clouded.

I have two videos for your approval.

Only Scripture, God's Word, can give us a true glimpse into our condition. It cuts through the fog to reveal the mess we're in, and gives us the good news of the way out.

That applies to Christians, too, who might have forgotten this basic truth. Believers can become distracted, as well, and need to return to their first love.

Russ White explains it this way:
In fact, any really good artist will tell you the difference isn’t in learning how to paint, but rather how to see. The one way to kill off your ability to “see,” is to consume lots and lots of visual entertainment, especially entertainment that confuses reality with unreality through “special effects.”

In the spiritual world, the ability to see things change is called discernment. And here again, the best way to mess up your discernment is to fill your mind with unsound thoughts. You must learn to think, it’s not just something that “happens.”

Learning to see is important in both your physical life and your spiritual life.

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