Review: 'The Christian Counselor's Medical Desk Reference' by Robert Smith

This text is quite unique from the others, and a beneficial read without a doubt. Being written by a physician, it provides educated information on many of the issues facing counselors—from sleep deprivation to psychotropic drugs to mental disorders. Yet, it is a surprisingly easy read, with an excellent layout making information easy to find. Further, it is written from a scriptural perspective, making the gems this book unearths all the more valuable.

I found his treatment of drugs and placebo effects enlightening. He examines the questionable nature of many drugs marketed through popular media, giving good questions to ask when considering such a drug (this has applications outside of counseling, of course, making the material useful in other areas of life). He also gives a helpful evaluation of the placebo effect, which helps the reader understand why some drugs may seem to achieve the goals of counseling without all the homework, and how that appearance can be false. He also gives instances of good drug usage, and questions the long-term affects of exposure to certain mind-altering drugs.

5 Stars: highly recommended for Pastors and Christian counselors

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