Christians Arrested, Harassed by Police in Minnesota

You might remember that a year ago, a small group of Christian missionaries went to the annual Arab festival in Dearborn and were harassed by security guards.  (I say missionaries because this was an ethnic celebration, not an Islamic/religious one as some have misunderstood.)

On Friday, June 18, they were back at the festival.  This time the police decided it would be easier to simply arrest the Christians.  Why?  Who knows?  They were not impeding traffic or causing a disruption.  They were avoiding speaking on Islam and simply shared the message "Jesus loves you."  

Their cameras were confiscated by police and have yet to be returned.  Upon their release from prison, though, they released the following video with other footage provided by another person:

(HT: Acts 17)

Jesus promised believers this kind of behavior when they obey His word.  I know there are Christians who are intentionally rude to police to try to get some kind of badge of honor, but I see no evidence of anything unbiblical about their approach.  In fact, I have some friends who might say that they were too soft in their evangelistic approach, so this is obviously a case of persecution on the part of Dearborn police in the video (not to besmirch the name of other Dearborn police who would not support this false arrest).

Of course, being gluttons for punishment, they went right back to the festival.  This time, however, they did not enter but stood on a street corner distributing copies of The Gospel of John in English and Arabic.

Guess who shows up three minutes later:

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