I Got a Face Lift

No, I haven't forgotten about this blog. I've simply had school everyday, five hours a day, for the past couple of weeks. Between that and my recent teaching schedule, I'm a bit delayed on getting new material up here. :)

But, as my son used to say when he was two and made a big mess, "That's okay."

I did get a chance to finally make some adjustments on the blog, some of which you may have noticed.

First, I've updated the blog feed so you should be receiving summaries instead of blank emails and reader updates. Let me know if you want any further adjustments in that regard. Some things don't work very well in those feeds, so I think I still prefer not to feed a full post... the idea is to give enough for you to see if you're interested.

BTW: I noticed that the feed is giving summaries on the post feed on the sidebar... I'm not sure how to correct that. Help is welcome. :)

Speaking of the sidebars, I've eliminated many of the modules by combining information. My hope is that the blog will load a bit faster. I've also planted the information in their own nifty late-90's style tables. Let me know what you think, but I'm not liable to change them again anytime soon... phew!

Finally, I don't know if people are still using Internet Explorer out there, but be warned that these changes are best viewed in Firefox or Chrome. I noticed some issues in IE, but I've got to get back to my homework, so you deal with it. I can't keep helping you out like this.

Update: Oh, yeah, and Fun Fridays. That's new too. They're scheduled out for a while, so you'll always have those. :)

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